My handwoven textiles are functional works of art I use every day in my home. I love to wear my handwoven textiles too! Growing up sewing, crocheting, knitting, and making doilies on my grandmother’s vintage Lily Speed-O-Weave loom, I discovered that weaving encompasses my love of fiber, texture and color.

Cotton is the fiber of choice for most of my textiles. I love cotton for its durability, as it lends itself well to functional textiles and is easy to care for. I learned to weave in college and love to share my passion through educating others, exhibiting my craft and providing a sensory experience.

Using a manually-operated floor loom, yes, without a computer, I design and weave a variety of textiles, primarily table runners, placemats, pillowcases, towels and scarves.

I find my color and pattern inspiration in nature from my walks in urban neighborhoods, mountains and the desert. My weaving process begins by envisioning a “need” around my home, letting it evolve through my senses, and then using colorful threads to bring out the “soul” character of the piece through my intuitive creativity. I wind color wrappings to obtain the color range that appeals to my senses and gives energy to the project. The vibration of color in my work is achieved by changing the placement of thread colors next to each other. I love the painterly feel of my textiles as a result.

My textiles have been displayed and sold in galleries in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest since 2008. I was honored to receive both the coveted Handweaver’s Guild of America Award – sort of like winning the Oscars for fabric artists, for my Illusions of Color Vest for Excellence in Color and Craftsmanship and the Virginia Harvey Award for Excellence in Color. I’ve also been published in Handwoven Magazine, SS&D Magazine, and Wilsonville Spokesman Newspaper. My textiles are in private collections across the country.